Imagine . . .

. . . if B.Michael sat down next to you today and asked, “What I miss?,” what would you tell him? What would you share about your life, or any of the communities he was part of, or the world in general since his passing in 2001, almost two decades ago?

Let’s hear from you! While we are off to a strong start, this project is meant to grow over time. There’s lots of room for innovation and creativity. What do you have to write, illustrate, share, testify, opine about B.Michael? If you could riff or kiki with him, what would you say? Our intention is for What I Miss? to be accessible to a broad range of communities — including urban high school students like B.Michael taught. Contributors are invited from all areas of his life, and all over the world. Submissions need not explicitly reference B.Michael. You do not need to have known him while he was alive; being impacted by his life, his work, or this project is enough of a criterion.

The Specs

We welcome submissions in a range of art forms. Written work must be typewritten and can include up to 5 pages of poetry or 2,500 words of prose. Prose submissions can be in several forms: blog posts, journalism, letters, other non-fiction, or fiction. Work in languages other than English is welcome when accompanied by an English translation. Visual work can include art, illustrations, photography, or video up to 15 minutes.

Written work should be submitted digitally in RTF or Word format. Visual work should be submitted in JPG, PDF, PNG or SVG format at a minimum density of 250 dpi; MOV or MP4 format using codec H.264 at a minimum resolution of 1920×1080. Please do not send us original or only copies of your work without talking with us first. We are happy for you to submit previously published work provided that it is no longer in print or easily accessible online, and that you retain the rights.

In our ongoing call for submissions, we wish to minimize any barriers for inclusion. Consider selfies or usies with a robust caption — or a short vid! — indicating a) what you want to tell B.Michael about what he’s missed from your unique vantage point, and b) how you knew B.Michael, and if you didn’t, what speaks to you about his life or legacy that moves you to contribute?

Include your legal name, email and telephone contacts, and a statement of up to 250 words that includes a bio and anything more you want to share about your connection to B.Michael. Indicate any other name you would prefer to appear in the publication. We cannot consider submissions that include only a social media account as a contact.

Kindly email submissions to: For visual work, also share links or upload files to If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you, even if you are not contemplating a submission.

In Community,

Johnny Manzon-Santos + Sheilah Mabry
Curators, What I Miss?