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Portrait(s) of the Artist as a Young Man

Bert | Michael | B.Michael

In Recline

B.Michael — Beloved Godfather + Uncle

Kiki-ing with Friends + Chosen Family

Kiki-ing in Community

IBM = I, B.Michael


123 West 117th Street, Central Harlem

Other Countries

Pride Marching

Sustaining Community Institutions

Check out B.Michael’s connection to Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, one nonprofit organization he consistently supported.

Campus Life at Adelphi University, 1976-81

Andover Bread Loaf

Bert Hunter, Teacher, City-As-School High School, 1990s

Bert Hunter, Senior, Brooklyn Technical High School, 1976

Sophomore Track & Field Athlete, Brooklyn Technical High School, 1973-74 (center in yellow)

Sixth Grader at P.S. 146, Manhattan NY, 1970 (back row, 2nd from left)

Visitors from Overseas


B.Michael + beloved mom Sheila Louise Sorden

Family of Origin – Sorden & Hunter Clans


Cousins Michael & Sheilah

Bert & John

Impromptu Photo Shoot with Kevin Ramos — Mid-1980s, Boston

“Mirror, mirror . . .”

The Bahamas — Country of origin of Daddy’s people — August 1993

Italy, August-September 1995

Stowe, Vermont USA, Between 1993-95, “Skiing While Black”

Turkey-Greece, August 24 – September 5, 1994

B.Michael composed one of his poems while on the Greek isle of Kos.

New Orleans LA + Biloxi MS :: Bert’s Birthday Surprise for John, March 1991

Bert — Circa 1970-75

Mike — Fall 1962

Michael — Spring 1958


If you visit the National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco, California, consider taking a photo with B.Michael’s name and sending it back for posting!

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