Included here are documented ephemera from B.Michael’s life. These artifacts presence some of the relationships, cultural productions, joyful life events, work commitments, health challenges, current events et al that influenced B.Michael and his writing at any given time. For example, entries in all-caps click through to the playbills and programs from dramatic and musical performances that B.Michael took in.

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B.Michael’s 42 years can be divided into five main periods: growing up in New York City (1958-76, ages 0-18); attending college on Long Island (1977-81, ages 18-23); living in Boston for law school and IBM (1982-86, ages 23-28); relocating to New York City for family of origin, Black Gay community, and pursuing his dream of teaching (1987-92, ages 29-34); and writing, teaching, and community organizing (1993-2001, ages 35-42).

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Growing up in New York City (1958-76, ages 0-18)

Attending college on Long Island (1977-81, ages 18-23)

Living in Boston for Law School and IBM (1981-86, ages 23-28)

Relocating to New York City for Family of Origin, Black Gay Community, and Pursuing His Dream of Teaching (1987-92, ages 29-34)

Writing, Teaching, and Community Organizing (1993-2001, ages 35-42)