Undergraduate Yearbook Sightings


B.Michael entered Adelphi University, located in Garden City, New York, in the fall of 1976, and graduated in the spring of 1981. During these five years, he was involved in a range of activities, some of which are captured in the above pages of Oracle, Adelphi’s yearbook. (Go Panthers!) For example, he was instrumental in bringing African American cultural movers and shakers of the day like Ossie David and Ruby Dee. Check out Bert at the podium looking fly as he introduces Ossie and Ruby. He also made the national roster of Who’s Who!

Great and good friends from Adelphi days include Jeff Lee, Pamala Tyson, Gil Vega, and Bruce Jones. Who’s missing? Let us know!

If you were there then with Bert, what would you tell him about what’s transpired in your life or in the world from your unique perspective since he passed in 2001? Please leave a comment below and/or submit something for our next periodic posting.

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