The Audre Lorde Project ~ B.Michael Hunter Legacy Circle


Sustaining The Audre Lorde Project (ALP) for years to come requires passion, commitment, and planning on the part of a broad collective of individuals. One of ALP’s founding board officers, B.Michael Hunter — whom we knew as Bert — embodied all three of these values and encouraged the community that is ALP to support its mission-critical work by 1) making regular financial gifts to ALP and 2) drawing up our wills, no matter how little or much we perceive we have.

Ashes to Ashes

John Manzon-Santos happened upon this brand of cologne, which he believes he either gave to B.Michael (born April 15) as a gag gift, or came across after his death. It became the perfect amphora in which to send to Colin Robinson some of B.Michael’s ashes for scattering off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago. Colin later reported that the bottle got swept away that day, along with his brand new eyeglasses.