Seven Brothers For Seven Sisters

B.Michael Hunter was a member of The Brothers for Sisters Auxiliary of the New York City-based Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Pictured here are “only seven among many women who have taken incredible risks, pushed the envelope on hard issues, and created institutions that have significantly changed the political and economic conditions of all of our lives” and the men who honored them on the evening of 11 November 1997. (Standing L-R) Mitchell Karp & Betty Powell, B.Michael & Daisy DeJesus, Don Kao & Maura Bairley, David France & Becky Trotter, Ralph Tachuk + Michael Seltzer, (Kneeling L-R) Joo-Hyun Kang + Jesse Heiwa Loving, Lidell Jackson, Katherine Acey. Not pictured: Julie Dorf.

A glimpse of how the sausage was made! Minutes (scribed by *Brother* Lidell Jackson) from a meeting on 8/14/97 that Bert was in attendance.