Letter *from* the Editor

As a Junior at Adelphi University, B.Michael sent a piece to the Delphian, his college newspaper. Though it hasn’t yet been located, it critiques the publication’s prioritization, or lack thereof, of issues related to students of color.

In her response, the editor at the time seems to take a defensive posture, assuring Bert and others that: “. . . there is no conscious effort on our part to ignore minority events. Yet I’m sure you would agree that with as many problems as [Adelphi] has (tuition, dorms etc.), everything on campus cannot be covered.”

She also uses her missive to convey the institution’s views that minority students share the responsibility in their lack of coverage: “. . . the Editorial Board of the Delphian . . . has been frustrated by the lack of involvement of minority students . . . I’m sure that if more minority students, especially those living on campus, could find time to get involved . . . it would be 100 times easier for the rest of us to know about the special activities which [minority] organizations . . . sponsor.” Because, in the end, it is about making it “easier for the rest of us [i.e., white students].


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