College Recognitions


Flambeau was Men’s Senior Honorary Society at Adelphi University. According to the recognition, Flambeau’s main purposes and ideals are to “foster and stimulate high standards of character, scholarship, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals in the several phases of campus life: academic, social, religious, athletic, speech, dramatic and plastic arts” and to “encourage mutual understanding and co-operation between faculty and student body.” It’s unclear whether Bert received this in 1980, at the end of his fourth year, or in 1981, when he ultimately graduated.


Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship

Brother Hunter represents!


Here are Adelphi University’s Dean of Student Affairs and Director of African American Studies weighing in. “When Jane Fonda appeared on campus to lecture on energy conservation, Bert took the opportunity to engage her in meaningful dialogue . . . [Bert] is concerned beyond his dedication to Black causes with the well-being of his country. He realizes that he is an American citizen not just a Black citizen.”


Tanzania (Almost)

Bert was set to visit Tanzania on a study-abroad experience via Operation Crossroads. But due to “political complications” in that country, he was reassigned to Kenya. Always flexible, Bert pivoted and embraced the change in plans. His final paper on his Kenyan experience can be found here.


The reassignment occurred some time between May 16th and June 20th, as indicated by the faded red postmarks on these envelopes from Operation Crossroads.


Here is a fact sheet Bert would have received from Operation Crossroads to help orient him to his destination country.


African-American Studies + Union of Black Collegians = Senior Luncheon

This event, only the second in as many years, was most likely a highlight of Bert’s school year. He is listed on page 4 among the planning committee. Many of his running buddies were involved on stage and/or behind the scenes playing leadership roles in the Black Community, both on and off campus, and in the Adelphi University student body in general — Sam Aymer, Karen Fraction, Lorna Johnson, Bruce Jones, Jeff Lee and Pam Tyson.


By its fourth year (and Bert’s graduation year), the *Third World* Senior Luncheon was co-sponsored by La Union Latina, highlighting solidarity between Black and Brown students.


Letter *from* the Editor

As a Junior at Adelphi University, B.Michael sent a piece to the Delphian, his college newspaper. Though it hasn’t yet been located, it critiques the publication’s prioritization, or lack thereof, of issues related to students of color.

In her response, the editor at the time seems to take a defensive posture, assuring Bert and others that: “. . . there is no conscious effort on our part to ignore minority events. Yet I’m sure you would agree that with as many problems as [Adelphi] has (tuition, dorms etc.), everything on campus cannot be covered.”

She also uses her missive to convey the institution’s views that minority students share the responsibility in their lack of coverage: “. . . the Editorial Board of the Delphian . . . has been frustrated by the lack of involvement of minority students . . . I’m sure that if more minority students, especially those living on campus, could find time to get involved . . . it would be 100 times easier for the rest of us to know about the special activities which [minority] organizations . . . sponsor.” Because, in the end, it is about making it “easier for the rest of us [i.e., white students].


Elected into Student Government

On a slate that included President, Vice-President, Secretary, Arts & Sciences Representative, and Business Representative, B.Michael, a Sophomore, ran unopposed for Treasurer of Adelphi’s Student Political Association (S.P.A.)!


Below are samples of meeting minutes from his 1978-79 Junior year, together with some communications regarding the business of the S.P.A.


Letter of Recommendation

B.Michael valued strengthening community in whatever context he found himself. As an undergraduate at Adelphi, he pursued a myriad of ways to support his fellow students, which included applying to be an on-campus Resident Assistant (RA) for his Junior year. He sought a written reference from Kathleen Harrison, aka his beloved Aunt Kitty.


Please describe the nature and length of your relationship with the applicant.

I have known Bertram all his life. There is a close intimate friendship between his family and mine. He has always evidenced courtesy, intelligence and interest and has contributed greatly to all social gatherings by his helpfulness and willingness to do anything requested cheerfully.

What might his/her outstanding contributions be to such a position?

Bertram relates well not only to his own peer group but all other age groups as well. He is personable, well-groomed, and sensitive to the needs and wants of others. He is also forthright, honest, dependable, articulate and capable of assuming responsibility.

What, in your estimation, might be his/her weaknesses?

If Bertram has any weaknesses I have yet to discover them. I have discussed Bertram with others who know him and I find they concur with the high opinion which I have of him.

List some questions which our interviewer might ask to further evaluate the special qualifications of this applicant.

  1. Will you be capable of keeping up your grades if you are hired in this capacity?
  2. Do you feel this type of position would better prepare your for the business world?