College Recognitions


Flambeau was Men’s Senior Honorary Society at Adelphi University. According to the recognition, Flambeau’s main purposes and ideals are to “foster and stimulate high standards of character, scholarship, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals in the several phases of campus life: academic, social, religious, athletic, speech, dramatic and plastic arts” and to “encourage mutual understanding and co-operation between faculty and student body.” It’s unclear whether Bert received this in 1980, at the end of his fourth year, or in 1981, when he ultimately graduated.


Mike Sleeping

B.Michael’s mom, Sheila, embraced the arts. She and husband, Bert, B.Michael’s father, had a radio program where he sang and she recited poetry. Here she tries her hand at illustration.

In January 1981, B.Michael would have been home in Spanish Harlem, catching up on sleep before returning for his final undergraduate semester at Adelphi University.