Elected into Student Government

On a slate that included President, Vice-President, Secretary, Arts & Sciences Representative, and Business Representative, B.Michael, a Sophomore, ran unopposed for Treasurer of Adelphi’s Student Political Association (S.P.A.)!


Below are samples of meeting minutes from his 1978-79 Junior year, together with some communications regarding the business of the S.P.A.


Letter of Recommendation

B.Michael valued strengthening community in whatever context he found himself. As an undergraduate at Adelphi, he pursued a myriad of ways to support his fellow students, which included applying to be an on-campus Resident Assistant (RA) for his Junior year. He sought a written reference from Kathleen Harrison, aka his beloved Aunt Kitty.


Please describe the nature and length of your relationship with the applicant.

I have known Bertram all his life. There is a close intimate friendship between his family and mine. He has always evidenced courtesy, intelligence and interest and has contributed greatly to all social gatherings by his helpfulness and willingness to do anything requested cheerfully.

What might his/her outstanding contributions be to such a position?

Bertram relates well not only to his own peer group but all other age groups as well. He is personable, well-groomed, and sensitive to the needs and wants of others. He is also forthright, honest, dependable, articulate and capable of assuming responsibility.

What, in your estimation, might be his/her weaknesses?

If Bertram has any weaknesses I have yet to discover them. I have discussed Bertram with others who know him and I find they concur with the high opinion which I have of him.

List some questions which our interviewer might ask to further evaluate the special qualifications of this applicant.

  1. Will you be capable of keeping up your grades if you are hired in this capacity?
  2. Do you feel this type of position would better prepare your for the business world?