Life After IBM ~ Day One

B.Michael writes a letter to his dear friend Ron Harris, based in Philadelphia, who died of HIV disease in the mid ’90s. Fortunate — and curious — that he made and kept a photocopy.


September 28, 1989
1:43 PM

Hello Ron,

How are you?

I am sitting at my desk thinking about the first day I walked into IBM. It’s almost 24 hours since my last day at IBM. I have decided to leave! IT IS TIME TO GO. I didn’t get the job at NYU and I really don’t have the money to go — that is, leave comfortably — but I am going nonetheless.

I have mixed feelings about going. IBM has a certain level of security. I know how to do this job with no problems. But I am not happy and I don’t feel as if I am growing.


I have a number of plans: travel, reading a number of books, some things I want to write, some classes I want to take. I am going to spend at least a month thinking about what direction my life will take in the next few years.

I’m enclosing this picture of us. Damn, I look good! Show it to people — I could always use the ego boost.

Oh yeah, you still have what gives me fever! I hope you always will. For me, it’s nice to know that I have dealt with people in the past, who I can still look at now, and say, Yeah, that’s what I saw in them. It’s good to be your friend.

Have you been back to the park yet?

I did not get the job at NYU that I wanted. I am wrecked, destroyed, disappointed. I’ll get over it.

Love Always,

P.S. [illegible] “… so you’ll get this …”

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