Multicultural Diversity Coordinator

One of B.Michael’s first jobs after leaving IBM was with the Church Avenue Merchant Block Association (rebranded officially as CAMBA the way KFC no longer refers to its Kentucky origins).

Within two weeks of submitting his first report below, as B.Michael told it, the day before the end of the end of his three-month probationary period, he was called into the office of the executive director, a white woman who, according to the CAMBA website in 2020, is still in the position 30 years later. He had been receiving subtle messages that his vision for the program was not well-received and that he was not a fit. As he suspected, he was informed that he would be let go. Without missing a beat, B.Michael conveyed something to the effect of, “What’s your offer (to have me go away and not file a discrimination complaint with the NYC Human Rights Commission)?”


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