Other Countries Marches on Washington

On October 11, 1987, members of Other Countries attended the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights, a historic gathering of circa 500,000 attendees (vs. the 200,000 estimated by the U.S. Park Police). They processed behind a purple and black banner sewn by Roy Gonsalves. The images below were captured by B.Michael Hunter and/or his camera.

[L-R] Eric Perez (foreground, in white t-shirt and headband), Garry Gaines (foreground, in black cap), Olubode Shawn Brown (foreground, in white shirt, holding banner), Len Richardson (peering over the banner, directly above the “C” of “Countries”), Allan Williams (wearing glasses, looking toward the camera, behind the banner directly above the “OT” of “Other”), Allen Luther Wright (in dark shirt, holding banner).
[L-R] Eric Perez (left bottom corner, in white t-shirt and headband), Redvers Jeanmarie (background, in white cap and blue shirt carrying a Free Simon Nkoli placard), Garry Gaines (foreground, wearing a black cap), Donald Woods (background, looking directly at the camera with both hands on black cap), Ali Wadud (background, wearing glasses with maroon jacket around his waist), Len Richardson (background), Olubode Shawn Brown (foreground, holding banner), Allan Williams (background, wearing glasses, situated between Olubode and banner), Allen Luther Wright (background, holding banner).
Garry Gaines (left) and Len Richardson (right) carry the banner. Donald Woods, holding a camera, is foregrounded in the right-hand corner. Redvers Jeanmarie (partially cut off) is behind Donald to his right carrying a Free Simon Nkoli placard. Jaan Urban Holmgren, life partner of Assotto Saint, appears above Len Richardson’s elbow.
Garry Gaines and Olubode Shawn Brown on The Mall.
[L-R] B.Michael, Garry Gaines, Olubode Shawn Brown, Cary Alan Johnson (holding the furled Other Countries banner), Allen Luther Wright (in profile). Post-March. Photographer unknown.
Garry Gaines, Cary Alan Johnson, Colin Robinson, Olubode Shawn Brown, Donald Woods. In Cary’s DC apartment.
Cary Alan Johnson, Colin Robinson, Olubode Shawn Brown, B.Michael and Donald Woods. In Cary’s DC apartment. Photo: Garry Gaines.

Allen Luther Wright seems to remember this Regina Belle song being played at Cary’s apartment during that trip.

B.Michael kept these front page articles from prominent national newspapers as souvenirs.



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