Blood Ancestors

B.Michael’s mother, Sheila Louise Sorden. Born 31 January 1934, died 07 August 2000.

B.Michael’s maternal grandfather, Alfred McKinley Sorden. Handwriting on back belongs to daughter Sheila, B.Michael’s mother.

In March 1981, Alfred wrote daughter Sheila and asked after her and her three surviving sisters (Alfred’s daughters), Kathleen (aka Kitty), Anita and Gloria. He also asked about Sheila’s husband (B.Michael’s father, who is also named Bertram) as well as three of Sheila’s four children (Alfred’s grandchildren) — B.Michael, then aged 22, his older brother Stephen and younger brother David.


Smryna, Delaware
March 22, 1981

Dear Sheila,

Will you please send me Kathleen address? I wake up thinking about her. And also Anita and Gloria Jean addresses too?

How is Stephen and Michael and your baby son? Tell Bertrand [sic] I said hello. Well Sheila, how are you getting along?

I still can’t walk. My left arm and hand — I can’t use it at all. The therapist are —ing(?) to get it in use. I have been very sick last month. I am getting better now.

Love from daddy,
Alfred M. Soren

N.B. B.Michael’s blood family tree is extensive so this page will continue to grow as more images are located . . .

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