Commitment Ceremony!

Saturday, 02 April 1994, Manhattan


B.Michael and John selected The Apple Restaurant because it was unique: a Vietnamese-owned, vegetarian-affirming restaurant that also met their main criteria — affordability, access to public transportation, accommodation of 100-ish people.

What is at 17 Waverly Place now? It would be amazing if The Apple Restaurant were still there, but 25+ years is a long time to be in business. If you’re reading this, and live or happen to be in NYC, could you snap a selfie/usie in front of the current restaurant and email us here?

Instead of being registered somewhere for gifts, here’s what they asked of their guests:


And for a glimpse behind the curtain, here’s their — literally — back (and front) of the envelope chicken-scratchings about how the program would go:


They were a little more planful about who to invite. The far-left column represents confirmed guests — their names are crossed out. The next column tallies the “maybes.” The third page lists Village People, most of whom lived outside of the state or country, who were invited but not able to attend.

Invitees include What I Miss? “messengers”: Alexander J. Alvarez, Jacquie Bishop, Sheilah Mabry, Kevin McGruder, Rhea Ummi Modeste, Robert E. Penn, Colin Robinson, and Allen Wright.


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