What are we truly here for?

We work
we create
we bond
we multiply
we survive

I try to understand the sadness in me
but can’t figure out why

I am giving
and fun

I have a wife who really loves me
               and fights for me
                              and stands beside me

Yet I cry

I have debt and still no job of my own
I have children that choose not to talk to me
friends that see me when it’s convenient
as everyone is so busy
but busy doing what?

Yet I cry

Is it a fear of getting old
or realizing I can’t do the things I used to
or feel the way I used to feel about life?

Is it all based on work
interacting with people who are mean and selfish
people opposite of me
or am I just too sensitive?

Why can’t I say leave it be?
Or shrug my shoulders and say your opinion means nothing to me?

But yet I cry

I have to find a way to smile again
I have to stop living on the clock
I have to stop crying

© Alexander J. Alvarez 2019

Alexander J. Alvarez
Alexander J. Alvarez

Alexander J. Alvarez is one of B.Michael’s many cousins. He is back in college working on a degree in Accounting, but continues to write poetry whenever he can.

“Once in a blue moon, Michael would babysit my brothers and I in Astoria, Queens. Whenever he did, it was always fun as he would read stories and play with us. He was impartial, a great person to talk to about anything, and made me feel like I could do anything. He called me ‘Alexander’ (whereas my other cousins call me ‘Alex’ ). I miss him. Thank you, Michael, for empowering me.”


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