B.Michael’s Photo Album (Mostly 1980’s-1991)

Think old-school, three-ring binder (11.5″ x 11″ x 3″) with a glossy, gold-trimmed cabernet-colored cover. Inside are removable, double-sided, cardboard inserts with light adhesive to keep photos in place beneath fold-over plastic sheaths.

Each block of photos below is an album page that was curated by B.Michael. His rich, joy-centering life wove family of origin with chosen family, commuting readily between his multiple roles of son/brother/nephew/grandson/uncle/cousin/godfather and friend/lover/brister/organizer/activist/community member.

The binder includes a dozen or so blank pages that he didn’t get around to populating. N.B. The pics are not necessarily in chronological order, and the dimensions of an image in this digital setting sometimes vary from the actual size of the corresponding print image that appears in the album.

Click on each photo for more context. AND, more importantly, if you know who/when/where/why details about an image, we encourage you to contact us here!

[Many more photos to follow. Stay tuned!]

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