Dear BNoSpace/Uncle Michael

Dear BNoSpace/Uncle Michael,

We know you’ve been here all along and haven’t really missed anything, but we’ve missed your physical presence.

From Ummi:

Remember when you noticed Adunni was left-handed like you? I kept that secret until you could witness it for yourself, just so I could see the joy on your face when the realization hit you. My goodness, was it ever worth the wait!

Adunni’s been spared dangers that I know you and her other guardian angels averted:

  • remember when she got separated from her Daddy and the neighbor scooped her up?
  • or the time the school bus let her off at the wrong place and time and another neighbor kept her safe for us?
  • and all the times she didn’t get in a car full of teens or DID volunteer to be the designated driver to get everyone home safely? We know you were in all of that!

And I often remember your prophetic words when I was waiting to have a baby until I finished grad school. Without your little nudge, I might never have had that little lefty who fills my life with more meaning, love and absolute joy than I could have ever dreamed. You said, “Miss Honey One, Hunter College will always be there, but those eggs of yours will not!” Thank you, BNoSpace!

From Adunni:

Lefty to lefty (you know, Mom’s favorite thing about us lol), here are some of my accomplishments with you watching over me.

  • After my freshman year in high school, I traveled to Europe for three weeks without either one of my parents and had a great time. I had an allergic reaction to something (really, I got bit by a spider but let’s go with the allergic reaction) and the chaperones had to call home, on top of taking me to the French urgent care. It was an interesting experience and it’s now safe to say I am TERRIFIED of any spider I see.
  • In my second high school, El Puente Academy, I got to participate in a documentary entitled, I’m Not Racist, Am I?. It was really cool and it’s even cooler to see myself in an actual movie and have friends text me when their schools/jobs use the movie.
  • I danced all through college (and high school, of course) where I joined Onyx Dance Troupe. I became secretary sophomore year and by senior year I was president! A lot of work but definitely worth all the stress it came with at times. I would 100% do it again!
  • Even though Mom really wanted me to go to Ithaca College like she did, I chose Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, the first degree-granting HBCU. It took me some time but I graduated May 5, 2019, at 10am with my BS in Business Management. Everybody was there–and I know you were too!
  • I finally got my license this summer. You know Mom was over the moon with excitement and I was too. Hopefully I’ll get a car soon.

We’re doing pretty well down here; don’t worry, you’re still the best Godfather. I love you always.

Ummi & Adunni
Brooklyn, NY

© R. Ummi Modeste & Adunni Hall-Modeste 2019

Adunni & her Godfather Michael, Circa 2000
Adunni AA Hall-Modeste
Adunni AA Hall-Modeste

Adunni AA Hall-Modeste was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. At 22, Adunni successfully obtained her BS in business management from The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, with motives of starting her own beauty businesses. Despite being a Brooklyn native, Adunni currently resides in Maryland where she enjoys spending time with family and friends when she isn’t working towards her dreams and goals. Photo: Jada Davis

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