The Photograph: Michael Circa 1966

White shirt     blue tie
Teeth      teeth      teeth
Short hair
Eyes      hair
Aged copper color
Mouth      big mouth
Sculptured lips
Caramel color skin
Young boy
School clothes
Oxford white shirt
Skinny clip on      navy blue tie
White bright big teeth

© B.Michael Hunter 1995




The Transition

I saw the blue skies turn fiery red.
Maybe it was love… maybe it was fright.
And clouds, that hold cool rains or cold storms,
That wipe out life by over-abundance.

I saw the blue skies turn fiery red,
And then turn blue again.
I saw the blue skies become windy
And blow the clouds, that held the cool rains.
I remember the wind blowing the clouds,
First slowly, then increasingly fast,
Building up to an uncontrollable force
That couldn’t be checked by life.

I remember that windy blue sky
When it was as calm as a breeze
That checked the fiery red skies,
And reached a medium
That was subtle, and sweet.

© B.Michael Hunter 1976


My Problem

Time problem
People need time
Problem time
Need to save time
Never enough time
No time to play
No time to run, jump
My problem is time
Fifteen minutes to run and play
Five minutes to be gay
Hours, hours to be alive
Time, it will always be my problem
Time problem
Too much time
Did you see 16
Can you be 16
Hey 16
Time won’t run out
I understand
Time won’t run out

© B.Michael Hunter 1970


Published in 7-2 Poem Review, Page 10
Age 12