Palm of My Hand

If I had one dream in the palm of my hand
It would be to see tomorrow

If someone questioned me
And asked me to say
What would you hope for
My reply
simple and sweet
is to see tomorrow

Now there is some joy
in knowing that you had
the joys of today
It’s good,
to be in the moment
look back over what has been
but the thought
of facing yet another day
now that’s some joy
I want to have

So I will say
simple and sweet
I’d like so much
I’d like so much
you can be sure
I’d like to see tomorrow
I’d like to see tomorrow

© B.Michael Hunter 1990

“It’s 11:10 on the 5th of June and I’m trying to record — no, I am recording — the melody to a song that I just wrote the rest of the words for. I wrote the first line about a week or two ago and it goes like this …”

Below, on the back of a 4″ x 6″ index card, is where B.Michael wrote the “first line” along with the “rest of the words” for Palm of My Hand.


On the front of the same index card is a single line: “Know my hand has taught the waters …” Wondering if B.Michael auditioned this lyric for the same song or as the seed of another.

To all of you within earshot of B.Michael’s voice, what song or poem emerges for *you* in this moment with this ancestor’s line as a prompt?