Life in November-December

In a pre-smartphone era, B.Michael used a Middlebury College calendar, procured while studying at Bread Loaf earlier that summer, for him and his lover John to keep each other abreast of individual commitments, as well as joint ones. For example, they had a standing couple counseling appointment on Mondays at 4p, tickets to see Rachelle Ferrell in concert on November 9th, and a planned trip to visit John’s family of origin over Thanksgiving.


On December 1st, World AIDS Day, B.Michael shared his essay, I Have Come Here to Die, at a reading of One Teacher in Ten: Gay and Lesbian Educators Tell Their Stories, Ed. Kevin Jennings, 1994.

On December 3rd, B.Michael and John went to see Still/Here, choreographed by the Bill T. Jones / Artie Zane Dance Company, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. B.Michael had previously participated in a workshop while Jones was developing Still/Here, and his voice is featured in the performance.

On December 7th, B.Michael attended a meeting of HEAL, Health Education AIDS Liaison, one resource which supported his ongoing understanding of his HIV-positive diagnosis.