Cooperative Learning

B.Michael was a life-long learner. He was also strategic and skilled at navigating systems. As an employee of the New York City Board of Education, he made sure to optimize his opportunities.

If you came into this system with a master’s degree as B.Michael did — he had a J.D. under his belt — you could set your sights on the highest possible credential as a public school teacher by pursuing a Doctorate degree OR a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification OR 30 additional credits.

He chose the latter, the so-called “Masters+30” path. This collaboratively written paper on Curriculum Development and Issues capped off a summer class for which he earned credits.


Bertram Hunter, 4th Grader

A priceless cache of B.Michael’s earliest known work! Memorabilia from kindergarten to third grade which hibernated in his mom’s storage boxes, which he inherited when she died.

B.Michael was attending P.S. 146 in Manhattan at this time. One assignment, dated April 5th (see page 34), would have been done the day after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis. Coincidentally, B.Michael wrote a poem, Bridgetown, in which he references MLK’s murder.

Check out page 2 for a highlighted commentary on the 45th POTUS and a call to action for the 2020 presidential election!


Though undated, the worksheet below probably hails from this same year. There was a side of B.Michael that was optimistic, upbeat, hopeful, symbolized by the notion of “tomorrow” (highlighted below), which appears several times in B.Michael’s writing.