Reading @ A Different Light Bookstore

B.Michael and Sheilah Mabry performed their individual works — as well as the piece, Cousins, which they wrote together — at the now shuttered A Different Light Bookstore in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.


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Moving In Together: Nuts + Bolts

When B.Michael and John decided to cohabitate, at 34 and 27 respectively, each had had ample experience with roommates. It was, however, the first time for either of them to live with a lover.

Romantic bliss aside, there was the business of maintaining a household . . .


. . . and shopping for food . . .


. . . and managing money jointly!


Writing Fragment

These nights, I close my eyes to visit the dead.
They are here,
Donald for strategy, breaking patterns, family love
Bill for
Allan for tall stories
Haffiz for
These nights
(Tonight close yours and say hello)
When I go, close your I and visit men
Attitude — Guilt — Shame — Denial
I mad at you
Every day is a new experience
glad to be here
Tears fall
People talking to you — in off, off to the time when
off to the P
Always did like you smile, all them teeth.

Take this respirator out of my nose
The hospital to die
Ain’t gonna make it


[B.Michael most likely wrote this some time after the deaths of Donald Woods (1992) and Allan B. Robinson (1991).]